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Daily Important Articles

UPI overtook mobile wallets

🕔15:05, 21.May 2019

News Data released by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and Reserve Bank of India shows that UPI overtook mobile wallets in terms of volume of transactions and value in March 2019. UPI vs E wallet United Payments Interface

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Maharashtra a step closer to opening up data

🕔12:46, 21.May 2019

News A year after new public cloud policy, the Maharashtra Government has transferred 10 terabyte (tb) of data to the centres it leased from private service providers. More in News About 20% of the total government data stored on government-maintained

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Chandrayaan-2 Mission – GSLV-Mk III

🕔12:44, 21.May 2019

DOWNLOAD PDF Chandrayaan 2, a fully indigenous mission, is an Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) mission comprising an orbiter and a soft lander carrying a rover, scheduled to launch to the Moon in July 2019. Chandrayaan-2 will be India’s second

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Important Articles of the Day-21st May

🕔12:19, 21.May 2019

Daily Important Articles List ⇒ India Adopted New Definition of Kilogram ⇒ India, Pakistan to Attend SCO Meet ⇒ India Cuts off UN Panel After J&K Report ⇒ In a First, Marriage Between Man, Transwoman Set to be Registered ⇒

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India adopted new definition of kilogram

🕔11:59, 21.May 2019

News India, along with the rest of the world, on 20th May 2019 adopted new definitions of four base units, the kilogram, kelvin, mole and ampere, which were released by scientists at General Conference on Weights and Measures held in

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India, Pakistan to attend SCO meet

🕔11:18, 21.May 2019

News External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj will attend a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on May 21-22 in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, during which several pressing issues including a thread of terrorism are expected to be discussed. More

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India cuts off UN panel after J&K report

🕔11:17, 21.May 2019

News India has informed the United Nations that India will cut off any communication with the HRC’s Special Rapporteurs with respect to a June 2018 report of the Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) on alleged violations

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In a first, marriage between man, transwoman set to be registered

🕔11:15, 21.May 2019

News A marriage between a man and a transwoman is set to be registered in Tamil Nadu for the first time More in News The couple — A. Srija, 20 and B. Arun Kumar, 23 — who got married last

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Platforms of Our Own

🕔14:43, 20.May 2019

Article Anil K. Antony, a technology entrepreneur, highlight the impact of social media platforms on democratic practices worldwide Social media platforms allow political parties to reach millions of prospective voters and are therefore an integral part of elections. Issues with

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Masala for Thought

🕔13:59, 20.May 2019

News Kerala has turned out to be the first sub-sovereign entity in the country to access the international market by listing masala bonds issued through its off-budget mechanism, the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB). More in News Kerala Infrastructure

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