Relying on the Constitution is not enough

🕔13:30, 15.Jul 2019

Article Caste plays an important role in every facet of life, writes Suraj Yengde, a first-generation Dalit scholar, in his latest book, Caste Matters. Important Analysis Dalits are often accorded second-class citizenship. At the workplace, they do not get the

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Article 15, Mandal Commission And Indra Sawhney Case

🕔17:37, 13.Jul 2019

Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. Read this article to know more about article 15. The State shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place

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Triple Talaq Bill – Features Of The Bill

🕔13:02, 13.Jul 2019

The talaq bill has been introduced by the government in the LokSabha. Read this article to know more about Triple Talaq Bill. Details It was the first legislation introduced by the Modi government in its second term. Features of the

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Private Member’s Bill Calls For Two-Child Norm

🕔12:58, 13.Jul 2019

A nominated MP Rakesh Sinha introduced a private member’s Bill in the Rajya Sabha, seeking to enforce a two-child norm by giving incentives for those adopting the small family practice and penalties for those contravening it. More in News The

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Karnataka Vidhan Sabha Issue in Supreme Court

🕔17:33, 12.Jul 2019

The Speaker of Karnataka Vidhan Sabha said he had to follow the procedure before deciding on the resignations submitted by the MLAs. Read this article to know more about Karnataka Vidhan Sabha. Details The SC had asked Karnataka Speaker to

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Electoral Bonds Worth Rs 5,850 Crore Sold So Far, 70% in 3 Metros

🕔14:59, 12.Jul 2019

News Out of 11,681 electoral bonds worth a total Rs 5,850.85 crore that donors have bought since the scheme was launched, bonds worth Rs 4045.81, or nearly 70 percent of the total purchase, were bought in the three big cities

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Anti-Defection Law: What Can Disqualify A Legislator

🕔14:56, 12.Jul 2019

A month before 10 of 15 Congress MLAs in Goa joined the ruling BJP, 12 of 16 Congress MLAs in Telangana had ‘merged’ with TRS. Read this article to know more about Anti-Defection law. Background For a long time, the

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A Welcome Debate On Electoral Reforms

🕔13:16, 12.Jul 2019

SY Qureshi, the former Chief Election Commissioner of India, talked about the recent parliamentary debate over the electoral reforms. Important Analysis Recently, a short-duration discussion in the Rajya Sabha on electoral reforms attracted my attention. It was initiated by Trinamool

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Vice President

🕔14:08, 10.Jul 2019

The Union Executive [i]   President [ii] Vice -President [iii] Prime Minister [iv] Central Council of Ministers [v] Cabinet Committees [vi] Attorney General of India The article dealing with the Office of Vice-President of India 63: The Vice-President Of India 64:

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Fundamental Rights

🕔14:01, 10.Jul 2019

An ordinance is an Executive power in a stand-alone manner but it is a Fundamental Rights or legislative power of President or Governor Cabinet approves the Draft When an ordinance bypasses the Parliament and goes to President U/A 123, it’s

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